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3 Simple Menu Ideas for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a big part of an exciting and anticipatory event that everyone looks forward to, whether you’re hosting it for a friend or family member. Baby showers can be something your guests will dread or something they look forward to – it’s all in how you plan it. 

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5 Baby Shower Games for Couples

Baby showers with both parents are becoming even more popular than showers with just the expectant mother and her friends and family. This trend is awesome and really allows both partners to feel celebrated and a part of the event. Whether the expected arrival is traditional, or via adoption or surrogacy, the anticipation of a new baby is always exciting and showers are a big part of that! 

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9 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby showers are a time to celebrate, shower, and love on the soon-to-be parents. You can have an all women’s shower or a co-ed shower and invite the dad and his buddies. Remember to think outside the box and choose a theme that is personal to you, those are the little things that your guests will always remember from your shower. 

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