3 Simple Menu Ideas for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are a big part of an exciting and anticipatory event that everyone looks forward to, whether you’re hosting it for a friend or family member. Baby showers can be something your guests will dread or something they look forward to – it’s all in how you plan it. Of course, you want people to look forward to attending and enjoy themselves while there! Coming up with a menu that is both easy and pleasing for you and all of your guests is half the battle. Many showers these days are co-ed too, so coming up with some food that appeals to everyone can be tricky. Here are three simple menu ideas to ensure the food you serve at your baby shower is delicious!

1. The Baby BBQ

Barbeque is actually a really simple and inexpensive option. You can easily make some pulled pork in your slow cooker by tossing a pork butt in there and pouring a can of soda over it. Cook it low and slow for 12-14 hours and shred it up with two forks. Serve with some slider buns, BBQ sauce, or coleslaw for a filling entree. Prepackaged single-serving bags of chips are always a quick grab and go side. Corn on the cob is a great bbq buddy, albeit a tad messy. So if you’re having an outdoor party, go no holds barred with some corn and lots of butter and salt. It’s easy to cook several ears of corn at once – toss however many shucked corn will fit in your cooler and pour boiling water over the top. Close the cooler and let them sit until it’s time to eat. Include a veggie tray to touch all the bases and offer some sweet tea to complete this southern-inspired menu.

2. Shower Sliders

Baby burgers for a baby shower are no problem at all with these quick, baked mini sliders that can feed a crowd. You can even prep them ahead of time by doing all the steps up to baking – toss some foil over the top, and leave them in the fridge until it’s time to bake them for the party. Grab and go chip bags would work with this menu too, but maybe offer some dips to kick it up a notch – ranch onion is always a crowd favorite. Potato salad is another great side option that’s easy to prep (or by pre-made) for a crowd and fills up empty stomachs as well. Throw some bottled root beers and waters in a bucket of ice to complete this menu. Serve these sliders alongside some fruit and vegetables and you’ll have a delicious, well-rounded meal that appeals to everyone. 

3. Cradle Croissants

So many baby showers serve this go-to favorite, but there’s a reason it’s a front runner: it works! It’s well-liked by most people and pleases the guys and the girls because it looks pretty and tastes delicious too. Chicken salad on croissants is a surefire winner. You can make your own salad with rotisserie chicken, mayo, and seasonings. Bring it over the top by adding some sliced grapes and diced scallions. Or create a little heat by adding some buffalo sauce and shredded cheese. A basic chicken salad is going to be a hit any way you swing it, but if you want to set yourself apart from the rest, you can customize your own creation or even offer a couple of different flavor options. You’ll have guests asking you for your recipes, so be prepared! If you’re not a croissant fan or want to appeal to the macho side, you can offer some brioche or pretzel buns as well. Chicken salad goes great with waffle chips or pretzels. Serve some sliced pickles alongside and you’ll be hitting the nail right on the head. Since chicken salad often has heavy mayonnaise in it, you will want to balance it out with sides to offset that. A nice tossed salad with some vinaigrette or a Greek pasta salad are both winning options that pair nicely. Fruit punch or lemonade are great accompaniments to this menu. 

BONUS: Don't Forget Dessert!

No matter what menu you choose, the last decision you need to think about is dessert. Cake is traditional for baby showers and the floor is yours with flavors, frostings, and fillings. Is your stomach rumbling yet? Cupcakes are a great option to take out a lot of the grunt work– no cake slicing and utensils needed for these and the customization options are endless.

Customized cookies are another quick and easy grab and go choice. You can often order cookie platters from local bakeries to take one task off your plate, no pun intended. Baby shower menus don’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. These are all simple, super easy food options that can all be prepped ahead of time to make the day of your event flow like a charm. Don’t shy away from simple –those are often the menus that get people excited!