9 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby showers are a time to celebrate, shower, and love on the soon-to-be parents. You can have an all women’s shower or a co-ed shower and invite the dad and his buddies. Remember to think outside the box and choose a theme that is personal to you, those are the little things that your guests will always remember from your shower. 

1. Little Cutie

Think all things orange…orange balloons, orange cupcakes, orange decor, orange soda, orange snack food. Serve all kinds of orange-flavored or colored foods and drinks. A cute orange balloon wall for a photoshoot backdrop and gold streamers and flowers will add a “cutie” touch.

2. Winnie The Pooh 

A pretty mix of greenery with some wood accents and throw some honey and pooh decorations in there and you’ll have yourself the cutest Winnie The Pooh themed shower! Honeycomb shaped cupcakes served on wood stump platters would be a cute touch. Give your guests little jars of honey as they leave - such a sweet party favor to go with the theme. 

3. Bee

A bee-themed shower is always a big hit. Decorate the venue with different kinds of black, yellow, and white decorations (balloons, streamers, flowers) and a sign that says “Parents (or mommy) to Bee” or “Oh Babee.” You can serve lemonade, and honey-flavored drinks as well as different yellow and black foods and snacks. 

4. Tropical

Think pineapple drinks, big green leaves, pretty colorful flowers, and all the flamingos that you can ft! This could be a great theme for an all-women shower as well as a co-ed shower. Invite your guests to wear their best floral shirts and their favorite sunglasses and have a contest…your guests can vote on their favorite tropical shirt. You can have small plants as the guest favor for the guests to take with them when they leave and watch it grow. Each time they water it they will be reminded of your sweet baby.

5. Traditional Blue or Pink 

If you know the gender of the baby, it’s always fun to decorate in all blue or all pink depending on the gender. You can get blue or pink balloons, corresponding food, and drink to serve and streamers to hang with signs that read “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl.”

6. Travel 

Start with a sign that says “Our Greatest Adventure” and decorate with all kinds of travel-themed items such as globes, suitcases, passports, boarding passes, maps… the list is endless. This would be a great theme for an all-female party as well as a co-ed party. You can give your guests a personalized luggage tag as a favor when they leave.

7. Space

Throw up a sign that says “Houston, We Have A Boy” and find all of the fun space-themed decorations. This would be a fun theme for a soon-to-be boy mom. Planet-shaped cupcakes and Oreos would be fun desserts to serve your guests.

8. Taco

“Taco ‘bout a baby” is a fun reason to serve Mexican food! Tacos and margaritas (virgin for the mom-to-be, of course) and fun decor like sombreros and cacti will make this shower super memorable! A fun party favor could be a baby succulent. Each time they water their succulent they will be reminded of the sweet mom and baby they showered.

9. Floral 

All things greenery. This is great for the simple, plant-loving mom-to-be. Pretty greenery walls with gold and white balloons and some wood accents would make for the perfect floral theme shower. You can even have a flower crown making station and succulents to give to the guests as a favor. 

Having a baby calls for a celebration! The options are endless. Choose a theme that fits you and your personality. A personal theme is always something that will be remembered for years to come. If you are planning a shower for someone else, it is encouraged that you talk to the soon-to-be mom or someone close to her to find out what she wants and what things she likes.