7 Fun Adult Party Favor Ideas

You told your brother you’d throw him a birthday party  now what? You’ve picked the food and decor, but you’re stumped on party favors. Or, maybe you’re throwing your daughter a party for her eighth birthday and you want to send a little something home with the parents, since let’s face it, they’re the real champions here: they buy the gifts, they schlep their kids to the party, and then they sit through the whole thing to boot. When it comes to favors for kids, it’s easy! Bubbles, playdough, the list is endless. But, adults? They’re a little trickier. Or, are they? To choose some great party favors that your adult guests will appreciate, just think about what you use daily or regularly in your home. Think about what parties you’ve attended where you’ve received a favor that’s stuck out in your mind. Are you still stumped? 
First, consider your audience. Whether this is a New Year’s Eve party, Cinco de Mayo, or a midday summer barbecue, you want to make sure the favors fit the event and appeal to your attendees.
Here are seven great party favor ideas that every adult will love! 
1. Custom Taco Holders
Custom taco holders are always going to be a win because who doesn’t love tacos? You can order inexpensive metal or plastic taco holders that hold 3-4 tacos at a time in bulk from Amazon or a restaurant supplier. Use paint pens or vinyl to add a custom quote like “Michael’s 27th Birthday” plus the date of the event, or “Thanks for celebrating Cinco de Mayo with us!” For your taco holders, you can get a variety of colors or stick with one color.
2. Morning Party Kit
Create a for a nighttime party. Your guests will love waking up the next morning knowing they’ve got this waiting for them! Mini bottles of champagne and orange juice tied together with some satin ribbon or baker’s twine makes a great presentation and will be much appreciated after your guests have gone home. Perhaps even include a recipe for your favorite pancakes to add an extra personal touch.
Photo and printable label by Amy Cordray
3. Custom Sunglasses
What is one thing you’re always looking for and always needing but can never remember where you put them? Sunglasses! Custom sunglasses are so inexpensive and super easy to find from any online vendor. Buy in bulk from a larger vendor or support an Etsy shop. Get your party name and date printed on them in a color that goes with your party theme and your guests will want to take them by the handful! This is especially great for outdoor parties; you can hand them out as guests are arriving, rather than when they’re leaving, as is tradition, so they can enjoy them right away. Guests can take photos with them on and get good use out of them throughout the party. Bonus!
Photo by JcDezigns
4. Wine Bottle Opener
Another great item that guests will love and use in their homes is a custom wine or bottle opener  you can find so many colors and finishes of these. Don’t forget the finishing touch! You can do this by tying on a tag with some twine and the simple words, “Thank you!” on them. Sending your guests home with something they’ll use is going to make them happy and happy guests make for a successful party! 
5. Custom Carabiner Sunscreen Bottles
Having a pool party? Send guests home with some carabiner sunscreen bottles with custom labels! The original store labels are so easy to remove with some hot water and dish detergent. You can print custom labels to replace the original label on a home printer using some adhesive paper. When they use that sunscreen, they’ll remember your party! Adulting 101: Adults use sunscreen. Therefore, sunscreen makes a great functional party favor to hand out!
Photo by EventGalDecals
6. Custom Koozies
On the same track as a pool party or backyard BBQ, custom koozies are always appreciated! Who doesn’t want their drink to stay cold longer? You can find koozies in a variety of colors or stick to one or two colors from your party’s theme. Have them printed with a fun saying such as “Sip, sip, hooray!” with the date of the event. Create contrast with a dark koozie and light letters or vice versa. Maybe even include a fun graphic such as flip-flops or a margarita.
7. Custom Socks
Coming in last on this list, but certainly not least – custom socks! Yes, I said socks. These are all the rage right now and a surefire way to get laughs out of your guest of honor! Find a photo of your guest from the neck up – laughing, smiling, making a goofy face – and get it printed on socks to pass out to your guests. These are especially a hit at bachelor parties and milestone birthdays. You can get socks at any length – ankle, crew, knee – and in pretty much any color. Just be sure to order these well in advance as custom items may take longer to print. 
These fun, unique adult party favors are sure to bring smiles to your guests’ faces!  There’s no better feeling after a party than knowing that you are sending your friends off,  exhausted from all the fun, and happy with their awesome gift!