5 Gifts To Give At An Engagement Party

Getting engaged is such an exciting time and one that your friends and family want to celebrate alongside you. If you get an invite to an engagement party, but there isn’t a wedding registry set up yet, what should you bring as a gift for the soon-to-be-newlyweds? Here’s a list of five sure-to-please gift ideas that’ll show the lovebirds you’re thrilled for them.
1. AirBNB Gift Card
For the couple that loves to travel, gifting a travel gift card helps the newly engaged couple create some margin and carve out some time to travel. Whether they’ll use it for a staycation, a quick weekend getaway to the place where they first met, or save it to go towards their honeymoon adventures, providing a gift card to a travel booking site like AirBNB is a way to show that you’re invested in their relationship. You’ll be helping create special memories when you choose this surprise for their party.
2. Pre-planned Date Nights (with gift cards!)
Dating doesn’t end once the ring appears, so help your friends continue to pursue each other during their engagement with a gift of a pre-planned date night. Include instructions, fun questions to ask or activities to do, and a gift card to a local restaurant. Try printing out a list of questions that they can ask each other, including:
• What do you like most about our relationship right now? 
• What do you think it takes to have a great marriage?
• What are a few intentional words you need to hear from me this week?
• What do you most look forward to about marriage? 
• If you could wake up tomorrow and be proficient in three new skills, what would they be? 
• What do you want your life to look like in, say, three years? 
• What are your biggest worries about the future?
• How do you think we could have more fun?
• Who are your best allies and closest friends right now? How have they or you changed? 
• What goals do you have for us as a couple?
3. Something Personalized
One of the most exciting “little” things about marriage is combining names and creating a brand new family. Not only is ordering something personalized incredibly thoughtful, it also gets the couple excited about the two of them becoming one new team! Etsy is a great source for personalized items – just make sure you read the production and shipping time frames so that your gift will arrive in time for the party. Here are some great options that’ll have your friends swooning over not just each other, but your gift as well:
• A night sky print from the night they got engaged
• A custom print with the couple’s initials, names, or date they got engaged
• A ring dish to store those new precious jewels
• An engraved photo block to prop up photos from their special day
• A personalized cheese board to encourage them to host dinner parties
4. Bottle of Champagne
Nothing says celebrate quite like popping some bubbly. Grabbing a bottle of champagne is a no-fail gift to give, especially if you pair it with a set of champagne glasses like these traditional flutes from Crate & Barrel or a more modern option like these from Corkcicle. 
5. Couples’ Massage Gift Certificate
Wedding planning can be a stressful time. Budgets, spreadsheets, and vendor contracts can take their toll on a couple and take away some of the romance from the engagement period. But, gifting your friends with a gift certificate for a couples massage can do double duty by providing a romantic date that will also help ease some of the tension. 
Regardless of the gift, your presence and support will be the most meaningful thing you can provide to your friends. Celebrating love is one of the sweetest things life offers, so make sure your friends know you’re there to walk alongside them through their new adventure!