5 Fun Party Theme Ideas for a 7-year-old Girl

Kid parties are so much fun! But, it can be hard to think of a theme idea that is unique and fun for your little girl. Here are five fun theme ideas for the awesome seven-year-old girl in your life!

Spa Party

This is so easy and fun. There are vendors who will come to your house and do this kind of party for you – it’s a little pricier of course, but it makes it simple to execute since you will only have to worry about food and decorations. Look for local bath product creators or local lotion and candle makers and inquire if they do parties. He or she will come prepared with all the ingredients and tools necessary as well as several small bottles and jars to store the product infrom bubble bath, bath salts, lotion, chapstick, candles, and more; you can choose one or a variety of items to feature at your party! This provides both an activity and a party favor. If you prefer to DIY this yourself, you can totally do this! Peruse the internet for some simple recipes for any of the above-mentioned products and choose which one(s) you want to do. Order the ingredients online, as well as all the jars/bottles you’ll need. for your party attendees. You could even create custom labels for your party! If the birthday girl’s name is Elle, for example, you have the label read, “Elle’s Excellent Strawberry Lip Balm” and your guest of honor will feel so special.

Baking Party

This is another easy and fun one! Choose a recipe for cupcakes and frosting ahead of time (cookies are also an easy option!). Purchase all the ingredients and have them ready for the party. To simplify even more, you can pre-measure ingredients and have them waiting in small bowls or bags for each party goer. You may even want to pre-make the frosting and have it ready in decorating bags for each person. Purchase some cheap mixing bowls at Dollar Tree as well as some metal whisks and/or plastic spoons for mixing. Buy some disposable cupcake pans and liners. For an extra touch, you could label each station with your guests’ names! Set up stations at a table or counter for each person and give them step-by-step instructions so they’re all prepping together. For example: “Okay everyone, pour flour and sugar into your bowl and mix together. Now crack an egg into the bowl and mix!” etc. Then, allow everyone to pour their prepared batter into their paper-lined cupcake pans and bake them. You may have to stagger the baking depending on how many guests you have. Do another activity while the cupcakes are baking and cooling – this could be a good time for eating lunch/party snacks or gift opening. Once the cupcakes have cooled, have everyone decorate their cupcakes with frosting, sprinkles, and/or candy and enjoy the fruits of their labor!

Painting Party

Tap into their creative sides! Purchase a bunch of 11x14 or 16x20 blank canvases from your local craft store, as well as several craft paint tubes in a variety of colors. You may want to choose a painting theme ahead of time and have everyone do the same thing, therefore, limiting the number of colors you need to purchase, or you might want to just buy a whole bunch of colors and give everyone creative freedom. Either way, they’ll have a blast! Make sure and purchase several paintbrushes and have some paper cups filled with water and paper towels at each spot! You can give a “class” and find a YouTube video that shows everyone how to do a specific painting or you can tell everyone to paint their favorite flower or animal – have fun with it! This is an easy and fun party activity and makes a great favor for the kids to take home to their parents! Everyone will get messy so it might be a good idea to buy cheap aprons, plastic Dollar Store ponchos, or oversized t-shirts they can slip on over their clothes as well. You could even go over the top and do custom aprons for each guest! The possibilities are literally endless with this party theme. 

Chemistry Party

A great theme for the girl that LOVES science! This one is fun for kids of all ages. Prepare for your guests to be wowed – choose a fun experiment for your guests to do  something that has ingredients that are not only readily accessible and easy to find but also inexpensive as well. A great option is the “Fantastic Foamy Fountain” found here. The kiddos will be amazed and you’ll be able to get some awesome photos of this too. Keep with the theme by getting beaker cups from online and a cake that looks like the periodic table. This party will not only be memorable but educational as well!

Space Party

With best friend team NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Christina Koch completing the first all-female spacewalk in October 2019, this is an awesome party theme that everyone will love. A nighttime slumber party would be the best way to go since you could go outside and look for constellations! Decorations would be SO fun for this type of party from stars and planets on your cups, tablecloths, etc., to a moon projector on your ceiling. If it’s daytime, you could make the room go dark by hanging blackout curtains all around the room with some glow in the dark star stickers on your ceiling and walls. If it’s nighttime, consider renting, purchasing, or borrowing a telescope and allowing the girls to take turns looking through it and making note of what they see. For a party activity and favor, you could make galaxy “snow” globes! Purchase clear glass jars, baby oil, glitter, metallic star confetti, food coloring, and hot glue. Fill the jars halfway with baby oil. Add some glitter and stars and fill in the rest of the way with water. Add food coloring color(s) of choice. Use hot glue to seal the lids permanently onto the jars and tighten them to close. Shake and watch the magic!

Even if your birthday girl knows someone who has done one of these party themes before, the activities will really take the party to the next level and set you above the rest. Get crafty and creative and think outside the box. You might even have fun at the party yourself!