5 Easy Steps to Create a Candy Buffet

Creating a candy buffet is a fun and easy way to bring an interactive sweet treat to your party. You can create a memorable candy buffet with these 5 easy steps. 

1. Choose a color theme.

This can be all one color or multi-colored. For example: St. Patrick’s Day parties might offer only green: M&Ms, gummy bears, rock candy, Andes mints and sour apple pop rocks. A Halloween party might want to stick to orange, black and purple candies. An April Showers theme might want to do the whole rainbow.

Hitting the Roy G. Biv color palette in order is always very aesthetically pleasing a candy buffet table. Whatever your party theme is, use that to inspire the look of the candy you go with.

2. Choose your display containers.

Mix up your containers by selecting a variety of clear glass or acrylic (clear containers are important so that your guests can see the yummy candy inside). You might choose 2 short, wide open fishbowls and alternate those with 3 tall slender apothecary jars on stands. Throw in a couple classic candy jars with lids and scoops and you’ve got a great variety of alternating heights and styles to create a visually pleasing display.

Arrange all of your containers in varying heights: you want the eye to basically be on a roller coaster of ups and downs as it goes from left to right viewing your buffet table. 

3. Buy candy in bulk.

You can purchase candy online or at a local store, but be sure to have enough so that your candy display is full. One of the best ways to buy more candy for less money is to buy in bulk. Buying candy in bulk will get you the most candy for your money.There are many online candy companies that you can shop. Find the companies that are affordable and be ok with having to buy from multiple companies.

When ordering your candy, remember that you want all of your jars to be at least two-thirds full of candy! Nothing looks sadder than a meager selection of candy that will only allow for a few pieces of candy per person. You want your guests' eyes to light up with excitement--adults and kids alike--at the amount of candy you have for them to choose from.

Picture the scene from Willy Wonka when he turns around and allows his guests to run freely in his wonderland. That’s the reaction you want when your guests catch sight of your candy buffet!

4. Variety, variety, variety!

Choose several different types of candy--at least 5 different kinds. Candy-coated chocolates are always a crowd-pleaser. Fruity gummy candies are essential. A sour option gives a break from all the sweet confections. Wrapped chocolates are a cinch to serve straight out of the jar--no scoop needed for these! Rock candy looks beautiful and is popular and a guaranteed hit. 

You may even decide to do an all-vintage candy buffet: bazooka gum, root beer barrels, smarties, tootsie rolls, lemon heads and peanut butter bites are all great options for this theme. Not only does variety look great on your buffet, but with a variety of flavors and textures of candy, you are sure to have at least one option that appeals to even the pickiest guest! 

5. “To go” containers.

The best way to show your guest that you value their attendance at your party is to send them home with a little something; ie, a party favor. Want to knock out two to three items on your party planning to-do list with one shot? Candy buffets serve multiple purposes! You’ve got snacks during the party. You’ve got decor: a beautiful, visually-appealing vignette AND you have party favors for your guests to go home with. WINNING.

Offer one or two serving size containers for your guests to collect their favorites to bring home. There are so many different routes you can go with when it comes to this. 

You can offer snack-size brown paper bags with the vintage theme. Small, clear, plastic bags are an easy choice and look great with your solid-color candy motif. Polka dots or stripes? See through or opaque? Maybe even Chinese--style takeout boxes!

You really can’t go wrong with whatever option you choose. Be creative, let your choice be inspired by both your party and candy theme, and display the containers in a fun way on your buffet. Offering the bags or boxes at both the beginning and the end of your candy buffet table gives your guests two stations to grab from and start filling their container. This also guarantees sure your guests don’t miss the opportunity to make and take a candy treat.

Candy buffets can seem daunting at first, but when you break it down into these simple steps, you are guaranteed to succeed! Pro tip: mention that you’re having a candy buffet on your invitation. Easy lure! Also, make sure you get photos--candy buffets photograph super well and are fun to document! Your candy buffet will be one your guests talk about for a long time to come.